Esther van Leeuwen / SpanishDogs


Spaniards with their Galgos

Human the Dog

I'm interested in the fact that I just can't say, do this or do that ... This animal will have a survival instinct. You need to either reproduce or eat... I’m instead interested in a set of operations that do not need to be learned and played, and yet are still not improvised... The exhibition is in itself, in constant change and process, indifferent to us, a creation, the invention of reality, rather than an “exhibition.”  Pierre Huyghe

In keeping with the artist’s desire for a non-hierarchical presentation, the exhibition is designed as a single, extraordinary environment, like a park or garden: a public sphere where a visitor can walk, reflect, and take in a variety of attractions through participation, thoughtful immersion, or simply as a passer-by.


















Human, Pierre Huyghe’s Dog-in-Residence



Cinnamon's 7th birthday

My mom today said: if a man knew what waiting for him in life, he would be born in the form of your dog