Petiit Pethaus


"Primates" expressing, vulnerability of the Human specie in his natural environment, showing smallness, beauty, but also symbiosis he has with.
This link that is part of us, a molecular link.
Playing with my body, creating an asexual Human part of those eights landscapes.

"Primates", Human is there no more considerate as individualities part of the stronger specie, but considerate as a basic animal, keeping his entire beauty, drama, symbiosis, or dissociation.
Human specie place at the same level of any other one.

Ruben Brulat





Azawakh...something different

«The dogs exist today, as they have for thousands of years, as an integral element of certain west African (Sahelian) cultures. I continually struggle to improve the quality of my thinking about the dogs: in order to increase my potential for breeding dogs who closely resemble their African relatives I believe it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the culture, history, and environment of the dogs in the Sahel. To put them ”in context” is of utmost importance if one hopes to maintain the integrity of the race. Out of context they are nothing more than beautiful dogs....and there are many beautiful dogs. There is only one Azawakh.

In almost every sense the Azawakh represents a paradox: they are at once gentle and fierce, curious and avoidant, intelligent and simple, fine and strong. Their internal struggle with these opposing forces represents the greatest challenge to our understanding of them.

Some of them have a sense of humor, some do not. Some are deadly serious, some just let things go.....it is all a matter of individual temperament. Not unlike any other type of animal. Each has its own unique personality and responds to stimuli accordingly.

The Azawakh in the Sahel come in a much greater variety of color. I am absolutely against standards of any sort. The people must do their homework and find out about the dogs “in context” as we discussed earlier.

An Azawakh can live in a city, in an apartment, but in my opinion no dog should live as the sole dog in any household…..it is in a way a form of solitary confinement…..especially the Azawakh have a need to be with their own kind…to be with another who “speaks their own language” as it were. If the owner is able to be at home much of the time then this is wonderful for any dog….since intelligent animals are easily bored and nothing but problems can come from a bored dog.»

Daoud Abdullah Abdullah

The Idi of the Sahel