Life with an Ibizan Hound By Erica Kasper

"Living with an Ibizan Hound you have to have a sense of humor. They are big comedians and many times will try to do things just to make you laugh. Even when they are doing something naughty sometimes all you can do is laugh because they seem to do it with such style. They are very good at keying into how you are feeling and hate to see you upset or sad. Ibizans also seem to be "forever young" and keep their youthful personality throughout life. They are playful and curious even as adults. This is not to say there are no serious Ibizans out there either."

Aza Hounds

The Charming, Vivacious Ibizan.

The big question is: can these hunting dogs fit as pets? The answer is undoubtedly YES! They are excellent family dogs because they are gentle, friendly, patient and faithful. They are cuddly without being clinging. Some may find them a bit cat-like when they vigilantly and cautiously study a newcomer. In other words, it is not a dog to throw itself on your guests and welcome them. There is a saying amongst PI-owners: You do not own a Podenco Ibicenco. It owns you!

Ibicencos do not thrive alone, and preferably, should not be kept as a single dog. They are very attached to their pack, both human and dogs, and want to be together with them. A lonely Podenco is an unhappy Podenco. This is the breed for an owner with plenty of humor, self-confidance and lots of patience. I promise that your shared life will never become boring."


Christmas walk