Dog Walkers Buenos Aires (Argentina)

"Buenos Aires loves its dogs. Big ones, little ones, muts, pure breds, so we got to get some doggy love.
Hundreds of dog walkers are employed to walk apartment dwelling dogs during the day while their owners are at work. Hundreds of pet stores, vets, dog washing parlors, along with the usual dog departments in grocery stores and big box stores, put porteños right up there with Americans in the doggie love category.
Dogs are allowed nearly everywhere. It's okay to have them in the outdoor section of any cafe or restaurant, and you can often persuade them to let you take a tote bag size small dog into the restaurant itself."
For Dog Lovers Only - The Dogs Of Buenos Aires

"Buenos Aires, Argentina is, like many other cities in a world, a city that is full of dogs always eager to take a stroll and to play. This is why five days a week, while their owners are at work the "Pasea Perros" (Dog Walker) goes to work, something very characteristic of this dog-crazy city."
Dogs in Buenos Aires - Pets in Buenos Aires

"The concept of dog walking as a profession is relatively new to Buenos Aires. In fact, many Porteños take credit for inventing the concept."
Dog Day Argentina

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  1. It is crazy how they can make their living by doing something so "not essential for people" but at the same time sweet as anything! When I travelled to Argentina, I was staying in a buenos aires apartment which was in a building where 9 people had a dog walker for their pets. That means it is pretty common!!